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Day 3 of 4

I’m starting to die slowly now! I need sleeeep but I’m getting none, I have a head cold which sucks and needs to be gone for truckfest or I’ll not be happy!!

I’ve got so much to do that I’m complaining on tumblr… As you do! I have to pack for truckfest and get everything set out and make sure we don’t forget anything, I’ve got to work till 11 tonight, come home and hopefully get to bed ASAP as I’m working at 7 tomorrow (4 of 4) but there’s no rest for the wicked as I’ve got to go into town to get Brian’s birthday as it’s his actual birthday tomorrow and I need to get my brother and something for Lucie, fill the car up, get dollars, go visit my mum and get Robertos sleeping bag, get home shower and ready and I’ve got to do this all before going out for tea at half 5 with Brian’s family really? Waaaaah bearing in mind I finish at 3 😑 Llf

Day 2 of 4

I’m back on back shift again tonight but hopefully it goes in a little faster than last night, last night was pretty slow compared to usual!! But hey oh I have to power through because truckfest is this Friday and I’m super stoked wooooo!

But first I have to go in town on Brian’s birthday and get him something - I have no idea what to get him and it sucks - someone help!! Lol

Also just a little cheesy reminder that he’s awesome and that I love him 😊❤️💙💚


Why am I awake? Ugh - it also feels like I’ve had ZERO time to myself and I’m straight back to work tomorrow and Wednesday nightshift AGAIN!! Can’t handle nights, I may have to give that shift up! Far too much pressure on the staff at that place to cover like all the shifts, we’re short staffed yet they’re taking FOOOOREVER to start the interviews and hire 4 people like come on to fuck man!! Ugh

Anyway, I’ve had a lovely evening with Brian! We had to go in town to take a tshirt of his back then Asda for tea but we had tea, watched neighbours then went for a wee walk around the block and came back and cosied in the man cave and played GTA for a bit then watched a film and now I can’t sleep!

It’s far too hot but I can’t sleep without covers 😩.

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