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Sitting at Orlando international airport waiting to board my flight back to London then from London to Glasgow! So bloody gutted!! I don’t wanna go home! This sucks! But told you, you wouldn’t hear from me in two weeks!

I’ve had a fab time!! I got engaged in the best and most possibly the cutest way ever! (Pictures will follow when I get home) even have a video of the proposal! It took me a while to click on what he dolphin handed me hahaha! Wee hutch 💙💍.

So gonna miss the Americans but definitely not their fucking greed!! Unreal how greedy they are! Weeeeeeh!!! Next time I’ll be on is when I get back to Dundee!!

Arrggghh 😔💔


I am sitting in Glasgow airport at gate 19 at 06:12 waiting to board my flight to London gatwick to then wait 3 hours for my flight to Florida yaaaaaaay!!

I’m so excited! Can’t wait to get there and meet my cousin! Chill out, have some fun and hopefully get a tattoo!! Waaaaaah.

This is exciting. I love holidays. Not so much the taking off but everything else I’m fine!!

Next time you’ll hear from me is 9th October!! Have fun tumblr users I am off on holiday and I DO NOT use social media when I’m away.











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Today me and Brian visited the William Wallace Monument and it was pretty awesome although I have a fear of spiral stair cases and I believe I have not yet conquered that fear even with climbing 246 of them 😐 llf.

For being Scottish and all that jazz. I really didn’t know there was a monument for Wallace which is disturbing considering he fought for our country - and won may I add - and yet not a lot of people know about it! Shocking, but I mean after getting to the top (still scared) it was beautiful - it was fantastic, the only thing that pissed me off was that something was built on the actual field where the battle for our freedom took place - why the hell would you build on that piece of historic land? Honestly - baffles me but I still had a great time!

Thought we would do something before I go back to work for 6 days lol! Days out with Brian are great! Although he just doesn’t understand fears or phobias of any sort because he made me feel worse when I was coming back down the spiral stairs … He needs to learn to stfu cause if not I’ll be locking him in a room that’s full of moths - see how well he reacts - dumbass llf!!

Any way bed time - lots to do tomorrow before work niiiiiight X

Just had the best text ever this morning!!!!!!!

Emma is my big cousin who I’ve never met and she’s literarily ONE week older than me and now I’ll finally get to share a “birthday” drink with her!

Omg I may die!! Or cry or be really awkward but either way I’ll still be getting to meet her!! Ahhhhhhh

Best news ever this will make my weekend and 6 days left of work go in super quick wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Yay yay yay Yay yay yay Yay yay yay Yay yay yay Yay yay yay Yay yay yay Yay yay yay Yay yay yay Yay yay yay


feeling sad for some reason…

I have nothing to be sad about really - maybe it’s almost fucking up my license but then again I see that as a lesson… I finally had my freedom and I just didn’t care but believe me after last night I will be learning from this - far too close a call. Stupid puss!

But other than that I don’t know why I’m feeling so sad today - I haven’t ate at all today, I’ve been feeling really dizzy and ill and all that and I just need a break if I’m honest (a break from my health problems) I mean it’s one thing after another and doctors can’t find anything wrong and now I’m back to hospital either before or after my holiday and I’ll be back in again for minor surgery no doubt and argh! I just want to be normal - is that too much to ask? Really?

I hate it.

I hate my life sometimes.

Yes I want people to feel sorry for me right now.

Just cause!


On a happier note I go to Florida in 1 week and 5 days - WOOOO


I get my hair cut in 1 week and 2 days - this is exciting because I’ve not had my hair cut since MAY :| holy christ! That’s longer than I thought ha!

Owell - I get a nice fresh clean cut for my holiday and a new start really for my job too :)

still loving it :) but i’m off just now!

Go cry myself to sleep - maybe not but I will probably watch a film that will make me cry just to get it out my system!

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