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Today me and Brian visited the William Wallace Monument and it was pretty awesome although I have a fear of spiral stair cases and I believe I have not yet conquered that fear even with climbing 246 of them 😐 llf.

For being Scottish and all that jazz. I really didn’t know there was a monument for Wallace which is disturbing considering he fought for our country - and won may I add - and yet not a lot of people know about it! Shocking, but I mean after getting to the top (still scared) it was beautiful - it was fantastic, the only thing that pissed me off was that something was built on the actual field where the battle for our freedom took place - why the hell would you build on that piece of historic land? Honestly - baffles me but I still had a great time!

Thought we would do something before I go back to work for 6 days lol! Days out with Brian are great! Although he just doesn’t understand fears or phobias of any sort because he made me feel worse when I was coming back down the spiral stairs … He needs to learn to stfu cause if not I’ll be locking him in a room that’s full of moths - see how well he reacts - dumbass llf!!

Any way bed time - lots to do tomorrow before work niiiiiight X

Just had the best text ever this morning!!!!!!!

Emma is my big cousin who I’ve never met and she’s literarily ONE week older than me and now I’ll finally get to share a “birthday” drink with her!

Omg I may die!! Or cry or be really awkward but either way I’ll still be getting to meet her!! Ahhhhhhh

Best news ever this will make my weekend and 6 days left of work go in super quick wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Yay yay yay Yay yay yay Yay yay yay Yay yay yay Yay yay yay Yay yay yay Yay yay yay Yay yay yay Yay yay yay


feeling sad for some reason…

I have nothing to be sad about really - maybe it’s almost fucking up my license but then again I see that as a lesson… I finally had my freedom and I just didn’t care but believe me after last night I will be learning from this - far too close a call. Stupid puss!

But other than that I don’t know why I’m feeling so sad today - I haven’t ate at all today, I’ve been feeling really dizzy and ill and all that and I just need a break if I’m honest (a break from my health problems) I mean it’s one thing after another and doctors can’t find anything wrong and now I’m back to hospital either before or after my holiday and I’ll be back in again for minor surgery no doubt and argh! I just want to be normal - is that too much to ask? Really?

I hate it.

I hate my life sometimes.

Yes I want people to feel sorry for me right now.

Just cause!


On a happier note I go to Florida in 1 week and 5 days - WOOOO


I get my hair cut in 1 week and 2 days - this is exciting because I’ve not had my hair cut since MAY :| holy christ! That’s longer than I thought ha!

Owell - I get a nice fresh clean cut for my holiday and a new start really for my job too :)

still loving it :) but i’m off just now!

Go cry myself to sleep - maybe not but I will probably watch a film that will make me cry just to get it out my system!

This makes me happy!!

THREE WEEKS TODAY and me and my amazing family will be in Florida!! I’m so excited. It’s def coming in fast and I hope that it goes slow when I’m over there so I can savour every little moment!

I mean I’m going shooting (yes a real gun), NASA, universals Halloween horror night, swimming with dolphins - so much more and I get to spend it with people I completely love and it’s going to be a big one!!

As much as I love my job I can’t wait for a wee break! I feel like I’m back at school having to wear a uniform, a fucking blazer, I feel like I should have the lawside logo on it - it’s a minter man!!! I think I’ll go buy my own jacket, one I feel comfortable in! But aye, I still like it apparent from that lol.

Oh I’m actually on my own now! I’ve opened and closed two shifts by myself BOOM! I’m awesome. Llf

Anyway I’m getting a headache as I’m exhausted so I’m off to sleep, goodnight!!

So today

I got in trouble for having my sleeves rolled up… Not fucking amused one bit! I knew having my dream job i’d have to hide my tattoos a little bit but if I’m feeling the heat I’m gonna roll my sleeves up… I always roll them down when I’m checking a guest in but even then I shouldn’t HAVE to, no ones really said it’s horrible or feel they can’t approach me but the cheek man!!! This is how it went

Me : asking a question about money

Him : you should really have your sleeves down

Me : I’m not with a guest and it’s hot

Him : well it’ll be better when you have your jacket on

FUCK YOU MAN!!!!!!! 😡

If I’m hot I’ll be taking my jacket off! Fuck yir hotel I’d rather show my arms than have sweat stains yi bender!!!! Ohhhhhhhhh enraged me a little bitty! So annoyed.

Don’t get me wrong I still like my job 😝 just that was fucking rude! Plus anyone who had noticed have been interested in my tattoo than disapproving… And still I can tell who will be ok with it and who won’t!! I’ve studied his kind of people!!!

Uuuuhh anyway it’s bed time !!! GOOD NIGHT 😆💚

So much

For me keeping poor ol’ Fred when my contract ends… The screen has well and truly been buggered by god knows what😮😩. It makes every photo or video purple and right now my screen while I’m typing this is all crackly and purple and it’s getting worse by the day 😔💔. Stupid technology, why does it always happen to me?! Why does technology hate me?

Weeeeeh I just wanted to have a wee rant! But lately I haven’t told you tumblr that I love my job 😆💚 haha!

Loving life atm! Still waiting on some sort if engagement but that’ll never be happening ha! A girl can dream! If only… I just hope he involves my dad in some way if he ever does ask me! I mean my sister, brother and mother have all said he has to ask them but recently with me passing my test and forgetting to mention it to him I felt like I hurt his feelings by not letting him know so hopefully Brian will involve the big guy if I’m ever to be graced with a ring!!!

Also it’s only FOUR weeks (on Tuesday) until Floooooooridaaaaaaa - super stoked we got universal, hhn and blue man group tickets!!! And I believe my mother got us discovery cove tickets too aaaaaand it got me even more excited when me, gill and Brian were talking about things to do when we meet them in Florida and WE ARE GOING SHOOTING!!! I’ve always wanted to go! BOOM. God help them when I show up Llf.

Anyway I’m getting myself excited and I should really be winding down seen as I am up for 6 tomorrow after only having roughly 5 hour sleep then going back into work 😩 going from a late to an early is fucking torture but hey - I enjoy what I do so not complaining too much but I do still want a GP job! But hopefully next year I’ll get back to college and learn polish and that’ll get me my job but until then I’m an employee of the Carnoustie Golf Hotel and Spa and I loooove it!!

Anyway good night folks! Update you some other time when I need things of my mind so I can sleep Llf!!

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